Imago Gemynd - Painting by Ben Kikuyama


acrylic, transfer, found objects, pen & ink, foam core
31" x23" x 2"

As kids, my three younger brothers and I grew up fishing, bodysurfing and enjoying the beautiful nature of Maui. Our parents didn't indulge us with many material things, especially toys, so we were left with our own devices. Trash can lids became armored shields; lawn mower engines attached to worn out wagons became funky go-carts; scraps of lumber, discarded metal roofing iron, and old bedsprings were transformed into giant three-story tree-houses. Life can be funny. Things that seem like hardships at first, can turn out be to be a catalyst for something positive. Perhaps having a lack of toys as a kid was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to create my own play objects which, in turn, nurtured and stimulated, what I consider one of the greatest gifts that was given to me, my imagination.

– write-up from the artist