Grandma - Charcoal Drawing by Ben Kikuyama


charcoal on paper
22” x 15”

When I first told my dad I wanted to be an artist, he had that look like, “Oh, God”.

For years he would point out different job openings and stuff like that. Eventually I was able to get a few charcoal portrait commissions and actually start to make a living with my art.

Then one day out of the blue he asked me to do a drawing of my grandma. This was the first time he ever acknowledged me as an artist. After I finished the piece, he then asked if we could make prints so he could give them to his brothers and sisters. I would visit my relatives and see the print hanging in their living rooms. Till this day, still one of my favorite pieces.

– write-up from the artist

Photo of Grandma

Original photograph of artist’s grandmother used as reference for charcoal drawing