Ben Kikuyama

Equus Series Statement

It is against the framework and embedded notions of the horse that Ben Kikuyama structures his work in his Equus series. In these sculptures, diverse materials and techniques are combined together, presenting the subject in captivating, and at times, challenging ways.

In his found object assemblages, layers of found material are built upon each other slowly and methodically. Objects are chosen carefully to represent different elements of the anatomy. Kikuyama doesn't strive for exact representation of those parts but merely hints at them, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks. Often there is a sense of nostalgia or an allusion to childhood.

In his nature inspired series, paint and medium is applied in such a way to reference rain run-off or mossy embankments. Elements such as seeds, trees, vines, etc., add to the organic quality of the works.

Various themes emerge: life and its many stages: birth, growth, reproduction and death; the interaction of man with and on nature; memories, the remnants of our past.

Although formalist concerns such as line, form and balance play an important part in Kikuyama's work, it is the exploration and revealing of the unexpected that intrigues him and gives his work its provocative edge.